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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Bitcoin prices down along with hacking cases in bitfinex

Bitcoin prices fell today, while the stock exchange bitcoin bitfinex dramatically announced "security problems" that led to the theft of a number of bitcoin unconfirmed number. Exchange USD / largest bitcoin announced to shut down websites and trade for a while,

We are waiting for official confirmation of the number of bitcoin Bitfinex be lost, but has been circulating rumors stating that 125,000 Bitcoin or almost $ 100 million that have been stolen or hacked. This incident was followed by a decline dramatically dip today

If the evidence shows the truth, it will be a case of theft bitcoin biggest room after MT GOX. We can not confirm any details. It is not known exactly how the hack took place, especially on such a scale, or if the rumor and bit of evidence that we have it right, considering bitfinex is regarded as the use of purse cool / cold wallet. In addition, from our understanding, they use two of the three multisig, with one key held by Bitgo. However I was still a lot of guessing and do not dare to conclude, there is absolutely no kejelas how many bitcoin has been stolen, the thief or who are MT GOX new generation? No one knows about this ...

Bitfinex has experienced many problems over the last few months, leading to unexpected freezing of trade in at least two occasions, both of which caused the accident on bitcoin price of nearly $ 100 in each case. The official statement at the time was that they had some problems with their data servers, and they are working hard to overcome, but there was no post-mortem investigation reports published so far.

Bitfinex last month also fined CFTC $ 75,000 "on deals illegal off-exchange fund commodity transactions of retail and failing to register as a futures commission merchant," in early June, Zane Tackett, Director of Community and Product Development at Bitfinex, strongly denied the relationship between outages and the CFTC's fine.

We will wait for more details about the recent announcement of Bitfinex in the coming days and perhaps months ahead, especially if this is a staggering number. For now we are asked to remain cautious because the story is still evolving and uncertain.

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